Superior Gunite

Structural Retrofit

Seismic Retrofit and Historical Restoration projects are ideally suited for the use of Shotcrete. Superior has pioneered the use of Shotcrete as a cost saving and time saving alternative to CIP (Cast in Place) concrete for the reinforcement of existing commercial and civil structures.

The Shotcrete Advantage is ideal for retrofit and restoration projects because it can be applied against existing walls to strengthen them or against one-sided forms to construct new walls. The use of Shotcrete eliminates the necessity of a one-side form against existing walls, which is very expensive, and a two-side form for new freestanding CIP walls. Additional cost savings are achieved because Shotcrete is applied from the bottom of the wall up, eliminating the necessity to core and pour concrete through the ceiling above the wall.

Seismic Retrofit: Since the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake and the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, Superior has led the industry in the application of Shotcrete on seismic retrofit projects in California. Superior is a full service construction company, whose scope of work can include drilling and coring dowel holes, furnishing and installing epoxy set reinforcing steel dowels, reinforcing steel and the forms required for the Shotcrete work. Additionally, Superior can provide all the services necessary to strengthen the existing footings or provide new footings to include excavation, reinforcement, forms, Shotcrete and or concrete. In addition to preventative seismic work, we also install Shotcrete on a remedial basis to structurally rehabilitate buildings that have sustained major earthquake damage. The use of Shotcrete does accelerate completion of the project.

Historical Restoration: While many historical restorations involve seismic retrofit, these projects present the additional challenge of preserving the integrity of the original architectural details and finishes. The use of Shotcrete does provide wider latitude for the preservation of existing architectural details than CIP concrete. Also, existing concrete finishes can be duplicated on the surface finish of the new Shotcrete.