Superior Gunite

Shear Walls

While Shotcrete is not a conventional construction solution for shear walls, Superior has been at the forefront of its recently gained acceptance. As a shear wall solution, Shotcrete is a great example of a value engineered system. Superior has been instrumental in developing the methods, techniques and processes to make Shotcrete a welcome cost saving alternative for shear wall construction.

Not just any company has the capability to offer this cost saving alternative. Over the years our innovative spirit and dedication to cutting edge methods has led us to assemble highly skilled teams and customized equipment to deliver a viable 1-sided Shotcrete wall application in lieu of CIP. Even with the heavily congested rebar required for shear walls, our highly skilled nozzle men working with our equipment are able to achieve the required consolidation for both subterranean and above grade walls.

This innovative solution has great potential for cost savings on several levels. First the elimination of 2-sided forms reduces costs up front. Second, the streamlining of required forms shortens the schedule. Finally, our customers typically experience a substantial reduction in the inspection fees due to the abbreviated process.