Shark Tank

Project Details:

  • Location:
    Alpine, NJ
  • Owner:
    Tracy Morgan

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing from Las Vegas, Nevada (ATM) has an extremely close relationship with Tracy Morgan, who lives in Northern New Jersey, where he is an avid fish collector and ocean lover.  Mr. Morgan wanted a larger tank to move some of his growing sharks into from his various other tanks.  He contracted ATM to do all the structural and landscape work for this new tank.  SJ Pools and Superior Gunite were hired to perform the concrete work for the shark tank, overflow basin and filter tank.

Superior was involved early in the design process and as a team made a few modifications to the drawings.  SJ Pools installed the reinforcement and mechanical rough ins prior to the concrete installation.  A day prior to placing concrete, Superior Gunite wired the tank, also setting up their equipment and hoses for the placement.  Assuring that the form work for the window box-outs and overflow channels were correct was critical. There were multiple box-outs that including one in an adjacent bathroom as well as an extremely large, main picture window in viewing distance of the swimming pool.

Eastern Materials, a US Concrete Company, provided the 5000 PSI concrete mix.  Superior Gunite used short loaded trucks (6 cubic yards) for optimal placement and used MAPEI Accelerator in key locations.

The wet cure process was used, done three to four times a day, where every sq. ft. was misted and wetted for a week.  This was required to insure a full strength crack free surface prior to the waterproof application.  After the paint the reef made by ATM was installed along with the equipment, two glass panes, and heating units.

Significance of Shotcrete Work to the Project:

The concrete for this project was free form and completely placed and finished in one shift.  The teamwork from Tracy Morgan, to ATM, to SJ Pools to Superior Gunite was seamless and supportive. Mr. Morgan now has the most unique shark tank measuring ten feet high, twenty five feet long, and eleven feet wide holding over fourteen thousand gallons.

Working inside this existing small rectangular pool house would have been extremely expensive and time consuming for traditional form and pour concrete methods.  Without shotcrete this project would have taken weeks longer and form and pour would have been impractical and extremely costly for this project due to the space and time requirements.  If this was formed, just getting them in would have taken days.

The shotcrete application at this site was minimally invasive and was completed in one day.  It was an effort in coordination and communication, with Teamwork being the key ingredient. The shotcrete advantage offered the ease of a 2” line running from the front

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