Superior Gunite

What We Do

Superior Gunite helps general contractors and construction managers keep their projects on schedule. This is one of the biggest concerns that we hear on a daily basis. It’s not by accident that we keep on schedule. We only take on projects that we are capable of completing and have the required man power to execute. No guessing.

Detailed preconstruction planning allows us to be prepared when we arrive on site. In addition, we lay out our work in advance in all phases on our foundation work walls, and pre-pour checks. Superintendents say that this process allows fewer interruptions to their day so that they can focus on all aspects of the project.

Our corporate culture is embodied in our Vision "To have our team set a Superior Standard, raising our customer expectation in Safety, Quality, and Performance.  We are family" We understand that bottom lines and margins are critical to our customers, from general contractors to concrete contractors. We offer value-added services that address far more than just the surface-level monetary aspect of your project. Our customers choose us because they have gotten what they paid for in the past and are tired of settling. They are looking to get more, and we believe that they deserve more.

While general contractors assign each job to a project manager to coordinate various phases of construction, Superior Gunite provides our own in-house project manager to each job, ensuring our responsibilities are met during every step of the process. So, why is pricing absent from this list? While we don’t seek to price ourselves out of any work, we understand that bottom lines and margins are critical to our customers, from contractors. We believe that our various value-added services more than account for small differences in price.

Scope – Tunnels, foundations, soil nail, pipelining, lower level parking, multi-family, assisted living, senior care, retail, parking lots, warehousing, etc..