Superior Gunite

Special Forces

The elite amongst us that exemplify Dedication, Flexibility, Legacy, Selfless Service, Team first, Diversity, go where and when needed, hardworking, trains others, exemplary attitude and lives our Mission, Vision, and Values are awarded this honor amongst us.

Their dedication to Superior Gunite is truly a model for others to emulate.  Their sense of One Team and embrace of our Core Values is essential in Superior Gunite pursuing our Vision and achieving our Mission.

000: Tony Federico
001: Nik Hacopian
002: Alice James
003: Dave Bowers
004: Jose Luis Uribe
005: Mike Norton
006: Juan Tellez
007: Ramon Uribe
008: Manuel Navarro
009: Manual Navarro Sr.
010: Fred Lee
011: Jose Tejada
012: Juan Negrete
014. Frank E Townsend  III
015. Rich Garcia
016. Kevin Fransen
017. Dave Gross
018. Ruben Paiz