SUPERIOR GUNITE is the industry leader in pneumatically placed structural concrete. We have been setting the standard in the technology and application of cast–in–place concrete and shotcrete for over 50 years. Superior has built its reputation on alternative, creative, cost effective building solutions. Whether we are called upon to build the infrastructure for essential transportation or water management systems; critical institutional resources like hospitals and universities; or other major civic, industrial or commercial projects, Superior's expertise and innovative methods have been put to the test building the vital infrastructure of the communities we serve. We are a national company and can place our expert teams and equipment any where in the continental United States and Hawaii.

SHOTCRETE ADVANTAGE: Superior leads the way in innovative shotcrete applications that save time and money. We have pioneered and opened the door to cost effective, alternative applications that are preferable to conventional CIP methods. Our engineering teams perform the due diligence to prove up the application technique and then our ACI certified nozzlemen use our custom designed and fabricated pumps and equipment, applying the shotcrete to stand the test of strict performance criteria. Depending on the application, shotcrete can eliminate 2–sided form construction or 1–sided forms against existing CMU, URM or CIP walls. Shotcrete is the CIP concrete alternative.

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